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Raise a glass to celebrate 25 years of MUWFC!

The Melbourne University Women’s Football Club is one of the oldest female Australian rules football clubs in existence.

In collaboration with our partners ReWine and our very own talented artist Bec Syed, we have produced two bespoke wine labels in celebration of 25 years of MUWFC.

The two wines on offer are a Nero D’Avola (2020 Murray Darling) and a Vermentino (2020 Murray Darling).

A Mugars Angel is seen boldly soaring high and taking a mark over the words ‘25 years’ in the Nero D’Avola label, while the Vermentino label features the old heritage seating to the Royal Park end of the Melbourne University Oval, with three Mugars celebrating a goal scored.

These are now available, but get in quick – stock is limited! You can purchase a single bottle for $20, and using the promo code MUGEM25 - you'll get a half dozen for $100 (buy 5, get 1 free!). Pick up and drop off will be available, please ensure your details are correct in your purchase - a delivery fee will be required if outside Metro Melbourne.

We caught up with Bec Syed to learn more.

Q. Tell us a little about your involvement with MUWFC and what the club means to you? Bec: When I first moved to Melbourne I hardly knew ANYONE, so one of the only friends I did have suggested I train with MUWFC as it’s a great community and great way to meet people. I went to TWO training sessions in the space of 2 years but immediately gained an entire friendship group and a whole community of people. I was unable to commit to training and fulltime work and was worried I would lose my connections but I am still friends with everyone to this day. I came in as an extremely unfit Sydney-sider who had no idea how to play AFL and was sure I’d be shunned, but instead I was welcomed and patiently taught the rules of the game and had the freedom to go at my own pace. I am so glad I joined the MUWFC community!

Q. What made you take on this exciting challenge? Bec: I enjoy designing prints in my spare time. I had just started pursuing this interest when Ness approached me about the club’s collaboration with ReWine. I was more than keen to give it a crack to challenge myself and to contribute to a team that have been a big part of my Melbourne life.