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Player Profile: Immy

Imogen Owen is a new player at MUWFC this year and has quickly established herself as an important and valued member of our Thirds side. We asked Immy about how she made it to the MUGARS and what she loves about the club.

What is your footy background?

I started playing footy when I was 15 for North Hobart Youth Girls, and moved up to NH Women’s Seniors when I was 16. I played with NH as well as for my school until I moved to Melbourne in 2019 and joined MUWFC.

How did you get involved with the MUGARS?

I signed up at the Melbourne Uni Sports Expo during O-Week!

Do you have a footy philosophy?

I think it’s all about being open-minded and willing to give anything a crack! Coming to MUWFC, I was pretty sure I was a forward through and through, but now I spend a lot of time playing on the wing.

Do you have any career highlights?

It would have to be taking a mark on the final siren and kicking the winning goal in the pouring rain!

What do you like to do outside of footy?

Most of my time outside of footy is spent on uni, but besides uni and work, I spend lots of my spare time painting and baking.

What’s the best part about being a MUGAR?

The community! Especially being relatively new to Melbourne, it’s been great to join such a lovely, supportive club.

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