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Player + Committee Profile: Daisy Nitsch

Playing her first game in the black and blue in 2021, despite joining MUWFC in late 2019, Daisy has already made her mark on the club. She joined the committee before having the chance to play her first game, and has be a valued member of the communications team and playing cohort throughout the 2021 season.

How long have you been at MUWFC and how did you get involved with volunteering?

I have been with MUWFC since pre-season 2019/2020 however due to COVID-19, my first game was in 2021. I have always been someone who puts their hand up to volunteer, so I jumped onto the committee at the 2020 AGM and have been helping out the comms team.

What has your time looked like so far?

Through 2021 we’ve had a bumpy road due to ongoing restrictions, however we made sure we kept our social media and other comms flowing to continue to unite players and supporters. Whether that’s posts of fixtures and results, upcoming events, special moments or even a newsletter!

Do you have any standout moments while volunteering?

A standout moment whilst volunteering for MUWFC would actually be taking photos during a game, as I have a passion for photography and seeing people love the photos just drives that passion further.

What do you love about volunteering?

I love seeing how much it means to other people just by giving your time and putting a smile on their face. Giving up your time to help someone is priceless.

What do you do outside of footy?

I still can’t get enough of footy so I’ll kick a ball around with mates or watch Richmond dominate. I work at Bunnings whilst starting up my own photography and film business (Itchy Productions) on the side. Hopefully one day I’ll be next to Michael Wilson taking pics of the AFL/W!

MUWFC is my family 🖤💙

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