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MUWFC Welcomes 2022 Committee

Following our 2021 AGM tonight, we are pleased to announce our 2022 Committee:

Executive Committee:

President: Maddie Sheedy

Vice President: Terri O'Reilly

Secretary: Marinella Salafia

Treasurer: Donald Sahlstrom

General Committee:

Communications Coordinator: Vanessa Antas

Events Coordinator: Jacinta Bowler

Football Operations Coordinator: Vanessa Lewicki

Merchandise Coordinator: Tori Hamilton

MUFC Coordinator: Ruby Hoole

Sponsorship Coordinator: Jennifer Gome

We would like to welcome all new members, welcome back those continuing, and sincerely thank our outgoing committee members. We are also still seeking sub-committee members. Please contact the coordinators of the area you are interested in to discuss a sub-committee position.

After a huge 2021, we can't wait to see what 2022 brings!

Please see below for our 2021 AGM Minutes and Annual Report