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CBCo Brewing X MUWFC | Quality local beers & more for our local game

MUWFC are excited to announce our new beer, cider & alcoholic ginger beer partner - CBCo Brewing! We can't wait to serve you a cold local beer after our matches or at our events, alongside our other partner ReWine.

Australian made, Australian owned, CBCo Brewing was founded in Margaret River in 2004.

Since then they have expanded East, with their second home and brewery in Port Melbourne VIC. Fiercely independent, they proudly brew a range of award wining craft beers that represent the tastes of Australia. Beers to suit our weather, our celebrations, our quirks, habits and our unique take on things.

CBCo Brewing are proud to support women in the brewing industry, and we are lucky enough to have one of their staff within the club. Supporting women to enter anindustry that has been traditionally male dominated is another reason why we're so happy to have them on board!

We are incredibly proud to have a local partner on board and are looking forward to serving their range from today, round 3, at the Ernie Cropley Pavillion. Get down to University Main Oval for our Reserves & Seniors Matches against Old Scotch FC, the bar will open immediately post our Seniors match.

Learn more about CBCo Brewing here: