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2020 VAFA Season Cancelled

As announced by the VAFA this evening, the 2020 season will not be taking place. We support this decision from the league and would like to thank our members, supporters, coaches, staff and committee for their commitment and work throughout the past few months.

We would particularly like to thanks Reens and Mich for leading the on and off field training components of the season.

Football is not the only thing we do, we provide a safe space for people to participate in a game they love, and nurture the strong sense of community that exists within our members. In the remainder of 2020, we encourage our members to take the time they need to rest and revive, and remain connected with each other. We will be in touch with all players in the coming weeks regarding fees.

The committee and staff will be taking a well deserved break and we look forward to coming back together to prepare for the 2021 season later this year. 2021 marks the 25th year of the club and we look forward to celebrating with the past, present and future members of our community.

Stay well, stay safe and see you on the other side of lockdown!