2020 Registration Fees

For those who have paid their registration fees and for their season launch ticket, the following options are available for remainder of your funds:

  • Donation to the Australian Sports Foundation with MUWFC listed as the beneficiary

  • Refund to your bank account

  • A combination of these options


We have considered all options around fees, including credit to future fees, events and merchandise, however we are unable to facilitate this due to the sheer volume of players and voluntary nature of the club administrators. We love your enthusiasm to get back and get involved!


We ask that if you have not paid any fees in 2020, but participated in the pre-season and training provided in TeamBuildr throughout the past few months, that you contribute to the payment of the coaches and support staff. This would be $90 (as the training tee was $40, and it is unlikely that you received one!). Please pay via the link below (Item: MUWFC 2020 Pre-Season and Coaches Levy).

If you are facing particular financial hardship at the moment, please contact Maddie Sheedy at muwfc.president@gmail.com

Please read further details below, and complete the Google Form by 5pm Sunday, August 2nd. 

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