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Our Mission & Values

The foundational motto of the Melbourne University Women’s Football Club is to ‘Lead the Way’ in all that we do. The club hopes that all players, coaching staff, and club administrators adopt this motto as part of their involvement with the club. To help achieve this, the Melbourne University Women’s Football Club has a number of player policies in place. The value of these policies is twofold. They enable the club to help players adhere to its values when on the field, at training, or at official club events, while also demonstrating to players the fair and objective processes we use in their development and growth as footballers.


The mission of the MUWFC is to be an innovative community leader that provides opportunities for people to be involved in an enjoyable, successful and sustainable female Australian football club.


UNITY: Working together to achieve a common goal, embracing diversity and trusting one another.

INTEGRITY: Honesty, openness and respect in sharing information and receiving feedback, consistency in all decisions and actions, and being accountable through doing what we say we are going to do.

PROGRESS: Seeking innovation, embracing change, challenging the status quo and striving for continuous improvement.

SUPPORT: Welcoming and friendly, willingness to help one another, encouraging development and growth.

Adherence to these policies and values enables the club to achieve its vision to be a proud, reputable and preeminent female football club within the Australian sporting landscape.

Mission & Values: Team Sports
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