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External Mental Health Resources


Most psychologists are accessible via a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. You can search for psychologists by geographical area and/or area of expertise via If you feel that you don’t get what you need from a GP, psychologist, or any other professional, it is very reasonable to find someone else for a better fit.

Local Area Mental Health Service 

Your local Area Mental Health Service triage number is the first point of contact if you are seeking an urgent specialist mental health response or advice. These phones are staffed by experienced mental health clinicians who will complete a phone based mental health assessment with you and work with you to develop a plan for further support. Sometimes these phone lines can have a wait time, however most have a function where you can leave your phone number and they will call you back. Be aware that this call will likely come from a private number. 

There are a number of mental health triage services in Victoria and which one is relevant for you varies depending on where you live and your age. Generally, if you are 25 or under you will be eligible for youth mental health services such as Orygen and if you are over 25 you will be eligible for adult services. Using the link below you can search for which service is for you.

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