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MUGARS Family Fund

The MUGARS Past Players Association is incredibly proud and excited to announce the launch of The MUGARS Family Fund!

In conjunction with the current MUWFC administration, the past players have developed this fund specifically for current players who may be in need of financial assistance. The fund can cover the cost of fees and uniforms and is born out of the desire to see as many women as possible play football at the MUGARS by removing some of the financial barriers and to take the stigma out of needing a hand.

In the 25th year of this great club, we want to celebrate by connecting past with present and by giving back to the club which gave us so much.

All donations are tax deductible:

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MUWFC Operations Fund

The Melbourne University Women's Football Club (MUWFC) has set up an Operations Fund, where donations will be used for operational items that support the day to day running of the Club. 

In doing so, we have partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable donations to the MUWFC Operations Fund to be fully tax deductible!

Whilst we have great support from sponsors and Club members, our growth and progress up the grades is confined by our limited budget.

To assist in our quest to continue climbing the ranks in the VAFA, please support the MUWFC Operations Fund by making a tax deductible donation today!

MU Sport Donor Program

Every year, we receive many generous donations from our past players and supporters.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible, as we are a body of Melbourne University. 

Please see the following message from Tim Lee, Director of Melbourne University Sport.

"Donations to the University of Melbourne are tax deductible. Such donations can be directed to a particular body within the University. You cannot receive any tangible benefits for your generosity, other than the financial benefit of the tax deduction."

Click here to donate

Please email to advise of payment.

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Good For Footy Raffle

Buy a raffle ticket and 100% of the proceeds go to Melbourne University Women's Football Club. You'll also go in the draw to win 1 of 10 amazing prizes, including a brand new car! Now that's good for everyone. Oh what a feeling!

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