Mary Cenacchi Best Club Person

It is only thanks to the tireless work of volunteers that MUWFC can continue to lead the way in women's football. The Mary Chenacci Best Club Person award recognises these people. Mary was the first president of MUWFC (1997-1998) and the award aims to recognise an individual who captures the same selfless, club-orientated qualities Mary displayed in the formative years of the Club.

Mary Cenacchi Best Club Person:

2000 Bronwyn McGorlick
2001 Natalie Wood
2002 Chyloe Kurdas
2003 Bianca Sharp
2004 John Stewart
2005 Jess Egan
2006 Bronwyn Richardson
2007 Joanne Silcock
2008 Adam Rieusset
2009 Charmaine Calleja and Jess Egan
2010 Erika Henwood
2011 Kristy Dea
2012 Laura J Kelly
2013 Bronwyn McGorlick
2014 Aaron King