MUWFC Patron Group

The Melbourne University Women's Football Halo Club is a collective of MUWFC community supporters, players (past and present) and stakeholders who have come together to invest in the future of women's football.

Throughout the season, the Halo Club will enjoy an array of exclusive benefits and events, whereby you'll have the opportunity to engage and network with other like-minded individuals and celebrate the achievements of this pioneering football club.

Fly with us and lead the way; invest in the future of our girls at MUWFC.


  • 1x Halo Group personalised key-ring (MUWFC number and year)
  • 1x Halo Group MUWFC pin
  • 1x Halo Group exclusive game-day event
  • 1x exclusive viewing areas at one MUWFC home game
  • Recognition on the MUWFC website

Investment: $200

  • $100 budgeted for functions and collateral
  • $100 donation to the club

If you're interested in joining the Halo Club, please fill out the form below. For more information, contact

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Halo Club members

Jess Egan

Kate Francis

Kristi Jenkins

Laura Kane

Mary Kane

Daniel Kane

Alex Lawlor

David Lea

Bronwyn McGorlick

Andrew Molloy

Andrew Reddan

Adam Rieusset

Bianca Robinson

Donna Scott

Ben Brown

Malcolm Bangs

Bridget Barker

Neil Barker

Matt Bolitho

Jayde de Bondt

Ash Bye

Nick Carrah

Lea Caluzzi

Serena Caluzzi

John D'Alesandro

Andrew Donald

Marlo Drake-Bemelmans